Who We Are

We are a lobby organization to strengthen and advance the interests of the growing Canadian Muslim community through engaging and educating decision-makers and influencing public policy and mobilizing communities.

Our Priority

1. To promote and protect the rights and interests of Muslims, Muslim organizations in Canada, and Muslims around the world.
2. To lobby all levels of government for public policy and legislation that are representative of the issues and concerns of Canada’s diverse Muslim populations.

Our Mandate

  1. Consult with community organizations, leaders, and grassroots to develop community lobbying priorities.
  2. Lobby elected officials to ensure those priorities are reflected in public policy discussions at all levels of government in Canada.
  3. Mobilize community members to advocate on issues of importance to the Muslim community.
  4. Develop community capacity for political engagement and lobbying through training.
  5. Cultivate allyship with other community groups to advance issues of common interests to advance Muslim community priorities.

Our Values


We are connected to Canadian Muslims and rooted in Canada’s Muslim communities.


We stand for justice for all humanity and stand in solidarity with all equity-seeking communities.

We are not driven by the political climate of the day.


In understanding Islam, we situate ourselves in the mainstream scholarly tradition, while recognizing and embracing the wide range of different interpretations within this tradition.


We advocate for all Muslims regardless of their religious identification and with an acknowledgement of the multiple, intersecting identities that Muslims can hold.

Our Brand

Canada is older than 154 years and since it was founded different people have come to this land and established communities across the country. Through diversity, Canada has developed a unique identity and the Muslim community is an important and unique part of that diversity. We see the Muslim community as an important contributor to Canada’s social fabric, just as much as Canada has helped build and transform the Muslim community in Canada.


Our brand and colour palette are based on the maple leaf’s autumn phase – when the vibrant fall colours begin to transform the otherwise uniform flora into beautiful scenery – a beauty only achieved by diversity in colour. Our brand brings together our Islamic and Canada identity.