Canada Revenue Agency

Islamophobic suspicion of Muslims is codified in financial oversight regulations and enforcement by the Canada Revenue Agency. Muslim charities and individuals are getting caught in the crossfire. 

The Canadian government’s international comittments to combatting terrorism financing have taken on a strong anti-Muslim bias in their application, through assumptions of guilt aimed at Muslim organizations, and resulting in the financial exclusion of charities and individuals. 

CMPAC is working to clear the system of these problematic blocks to active engagement in the charitable and financial sector, so that the diverse and critical charities that operate in Canada and beyond are free to focus on the vital services and support their respective mandates provide.


Targeting Muslim Charities

Muslim Charities have been targeted for deeper and more critical review of their charity status for concerns other organizations get simple reminders. 

The CRA’s Review and Analysis Division has a history of targeting Muslim charities, and flagging concerns outside of the department’s review mandate.  

National Inherent Risk Analysis

Officers of the Canadian Border Services Agency wield an unparalleled power over entrants to Canada. These agents have the power to deny entry and even ban entrants into Canada, referred to as inadmissibility.

The justifications used to deem someone inadmissible to Canada can be as loose as being essentially fabricated, with no reasonable recourse available.

Besides being an infringement on civil rights, border agents have specifically targeted Muslim community members, including recent cases of Egyptian refugees landing in BC.

Our work on this file is ongoing, including a call for intervention in cases of unjust denial of entry, changes in the powers afforded to individual agents, and avenues for recourse in cases of abuse.

Our Work on this File

Charter Challenge Acknowledges Bias in Auditing Muslim Charity, Fails to Act

Today, a court has acknowledged bias in the Canada Revenue Agency’s audit of the Muslim Association of Canada. We are disappointed to see this ruling fall short of bringing justice to MAC as the biased CRA proceedings continue uninterrupted.  CMPAC continues our call...

Financial Action Task Force preventing unintended regulatory consequences

CMPAC submitted feedback on the Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) Recommendation 8 Interpretive note, which gives guidance on balancing terrorism financing risks with affording charities due process and reasonable treatment.   We support the removal of specific...

Financial Action Task Force Submission on the Financial Abuse of Charities

CMPAC’s submission to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) provides recommendations on the Best Practices Paper to Combat Abuse of Non-Profit Organizations. Our recommendations bring focus to the needed reforms in guidelines that shape anti-terrorsim financing...

Consultation Submission addressing the financial targeting of Muslim Communities and Charities

CMPAC’s submission to the Department of Finance responds to a consultation on Canada's Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Regime. Our remarks challenge the assumption that Muslim charitable organizations are at an inherently elevated risk, pointing to...

Sarah Mushtaq: Review into Canada Revenue Agency bias has let down Canadian Muslims

By Sarah Mushtaq In recent years, the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) review and analysis division (RAD) has been accused of disproportionately targeting Muslim charities for audits, and many Canadian Muslims have raised concerns that this is due to Islamophobia within...

The consequences of falling behind our allies on combatting terrorist financing

Recent allegations that the Canada Revenue Agency is unfairly auditing Muslim-led charities for possible ties to terrorist financing have stirred outrage. For years, Muslim charities have witnessed and experienced aggressive and intimidating audits, which have had a...

Mazigh: Why is the Canadian government still targeting Muslim charities?

A few months ago, I wrote in the Citizen about “biased” audits conducted by the Review and Analysis Division (RAD) of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), a division responsible for the agency’s counter-terrorist financing mandate. I noted how multiple independent...

If governments want to combat Islamophobia, they will need to take a hard look in the mirror

Anver Emon is Canada Research Chair in Islamic Law and History and the director of the Institute of Islamic Studies at the University of Toronto. Nadia Hasan is the chief operating officer of the National Council of Canadian Muslims. On July 22, the federal government...

Canada Revenue Agency profiling of Muslim charities may pose a national security threat

By: Faisal Kutty “Do you know any trusted person we can disburse our zakat (charity) through?” I am getting this a lot this Ramadan, as Canadian Muslims — like their coreligionists elsewhere — look for ways to distribute their charity as an act of worship. For decades...

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