Oct 14, 2023

CMPAC lead 37 Muslim organizations from communities across the country in a joint letter to the Prime Minister addressing our community’s concerns for Gazans caught in this week’s escalations. 

We are concerned with the lack of accountability our government is extending in the face of 2.2 million civilians facing ongoing attacks, cut off from essentials including food, water and fuel, and no humanitarian access.

Our letter calls for our government to:  

1. Prioritize de-escalation, mediation and peace-building.

2. Firmly condemn any Israeli actions that breach international law. Demand that Israel refrains from targeting civilians and destroying homes.

3. Utilize Canada’s diplomatic relationships to end the unlawful blockade of Gaza, ensuring that 2.2 million people have access to essentials like water, food, and fuel.

4. Advocate for Israel to allow immediate humanitarian assistance to enter Gaza.

5. Expedite the safe return of Palestinian Canadians currently facing dire circumstances in Gaza.

6. Speak against the Israeli government’s attempts to forcibly displace 1.1 million civilians out of Gaza with nowhere to go – in violation to international law.

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