Canada Revenue Agency

Islamophobic suspicion of Muslims is codified in financial oversight regulations and enforcement by the Canada Revenue Agency. Muslim charities and individuals are getting caught in the crossfire. The Canadian government’s international comittments to combatting terrorism financing have taken on a strong anti-Muslim bias in their application, through assumptions of guilt aimed at Muslim organizations, and resulting in the financial exclusion of charities and individuals. CMPAC is working to clear the system of these problematic blocks to active engagement in the charitable and financial sector, so that the diverse and critical charities that operate in Canada and beyond are free to focus on the vital services and support their respective mandates provide.

Targeting Muslim Charities

Muslim Charities have been targeted for deeper and more critical review of their charity status for concerns other organizations get simple reminders. 

The CRA’s Review and Analysis Division has a history of targeting Muslim charities, and flagging concerns outside of the department’s review mandate.  

National Inherent Risk Analysis

The National Inherent Risk Analysis framework, aimed at assessing risks within charities, disproportionately impacts Muslim organizations with stringent audits and vague risk criteria. This biased application not only hinders their operations but also unjustly casts suspicion on them. CMPAC is pushing for equitable, evidence-based assessments to ensure fair treatment for all charities, allowing them to serve their communities without undue barriers.


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