The Canadian Muslim Public Affairs Council (CMPAC) supported the recent grassroots sit-in events organized across Canada on Friday, April 26, 2024, in solidarity with the people of Palestine and to prevent the potential invasion of Rafah by the Israeli military. These events, organized by volunteer constituents of the respective ridings, and endorsed by over 80 diverse organizations, marked a significant moment in advocating for proactive measures from Members of Parliament and the Canadian government.

Volunteers, representing a multitude of backgrounds and communities, came together for sit-ins in front of MPs’ offices from Vancouver to Montreal. Over 25 ridings were visited simultaneously, delivering a unified message encapsulated in a letter of demands drafted by CMPAC. This letter, endorsed by a broad coalition of organizations, outlines the urgent need for action against the looming threat of a Rafah invasion. We invite you to read the joint letter on our website here, where we articulate the collective call for a proactive stance from MPs and the government.

Below, we share glimpses from some of the sit-in events captured in pictures and videos, showcasing the determination and solidarity of Canadians in support of Palestine and against the threat of a Rafah invasion.

  1. Iqra Khalid of Mississauga – Erin Mills –
  1. Arielle Kayabaga of London West –
  1. Peter Fragiskatos of London North Centre –
  1. Anita Vandenbeld of Ottawa West – Nepean –
  1. David McGuinty of Ottawa South –
  1. Pierre Poilievre of Carleton –
  1. Jenna Sudds of Kanata – Carleton –
  1. Rechie Valdez of Mississauga Streetsville –
  1. Anita Anand of Oakville –
  1. Jennifer O’Connell of Pickering – Uxbridge –
  1. Pat Kelly of Calgary Rocky Ridge –
  1. Michael Cooper of St. Albert Edmonton –
  1. Matt Jeneroux of Edmonton Riverbend –
  1. Randy Boissonnault of Alberta –
  1. Lindsay Mathyssen of London-Fanshawe –
  1. MelissaLantsman of Thornhill –
  1. Gary Anandasangaree of Scarborough – Rouge Park –
  1. Len Webber of Calgary Confederation, Alberta –
  1. Peter Fonseca of Cooksville –
  1. Adam V Koeverden of Milton –
  1. George Chahal of Calgary Skyview –
  1. Mark Holland of Ajax 
  1. Sameer Zuberi of Pierrefonds – Dollard, Quebec
  1. Arif Virani – Parkdale-High Park