Nov 9, 2023

November 9, 2023, Mississauga – We, the undersigned Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Palestinian and Arab Community, civil society, human rights, faith-based, ethnic, professional, humanitarian and relief organizations are writing to express our deep disappointment and concern with the recent public statements by senior politicians and public figures describing pro-Palestinian rallies as hateful and anti-Semitic. These stances are one-sided, do not adequately represent the sentiments of thousands of Canadians, and create an environment where Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian racism thrive. This rhetoric is dangerous and based on inexcusable misinformation. It puts entire communities under the threat of harassment and potential attacks. We are already witnessing harsh consequences and censorship for employees, students, and community members. This is unacceptable.  

The death toll in Gaza has risen to well over 10,000 people, including over 4,000 children. Carpet bombing of Gaza continues to this hour with targets including hospitals, schools, residential houses, refugee camps, shelters, and critical infrastructure. The situation in Palestine deeply affects our community in Canada. Numerous Canadian Muslim families have seen their loved ones killed or wounded, homes destroyed, and others living in dire conditions without water, food, electricity, or fuel. Additionally, Canadian citizens visiting Gaza are still stranded and cannot return to Canada. 

According to a recent poll 77% of Canadians want the attacks on Gaza to stop, and support a ceasefire. Too much human life has been lost.

Let us be clear, condemning these Israeli atrocities against innocent Palestinian civilians is a stance against human rights abuses, not an act of anti-Semitism. Peaceful demonstrations advocating for Palestinian rights are a lawful expression of support for justice and should not be misconstrued as hate rallies. Standing for the rights of Palestinians to their land, dignity, and life is an endorsement of basic human rights, not a promotion of hate or terrorism.

Politicians and law enforcement must educate themselves on the complexities of the longstanding conflict in Palestine, ensuring that their actions and words are informed and not swayed by misinformation or partial narratives. As an example, the chant “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be Free”, represents a call for Palestinian self-determination and does not advocate for the erasure of Jewish people. It expresses a vision for a future where Palestinians have autonomy and full rights throughout their land.

We affirm that all activities that our organizations are associated with are not anti-Semitic. We stand against all forms of violence, hate and discrimination against any group of people from any race, religion or background. We stand against the killing of innocent lives. The organized chants, prayers and supplications are in support of victims and against human rights violations and atrocities committed by aggressors. They are not against a specific religious group. They express solidarity with the rights of Palestinians to live freely and with dignity on their lands. These are our collective moral positions against occupation and aggression towards Palestinians. Our demonstrations, rallies and sit-ins are not meant to intimidate or harass communities. They are an open expression of solidarity with the oppressed and the voiceless, and  they are an open invitation for the entire Canadian community to join the call for humanity, justice and peace. Taking a principled stand with a particular  opinion (even if it is not inline with the government) is a fundamental right for all Canadians and does not equal hate against anyone.

Rather than vilifying those who advocate for peace, we call upon our politicians and leaders to truly hear and represent the concerns of Canadians. We expect Canada to champion the imperative of a ceasefire, ensure access to humanitarian aid, and uphold the principles of justice and peace.


  1. Canadian Muslim Public Affairs Council (CMPAC) 
  2. Action For Palestine Movement (AFPM)
  3. Action for Humanity (AFH)
  4. Al-Ihsane (Bel Agir) Association 
  5. Al-Salam Centre – Calgary
  6. Arab Association of Brantford
  7. Bosnian Islamic Centre of Hamilton 
  8. Bosnian Canadian Relief Association
  9. Canadian BDS Coalition
  10. Canadian Muslim Civil Liberties Association 
  11. Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME)
  12. Canadian Palestinian Social Association – London
  13. Canadian Institute of Islamic Civilization
  14. Centre Communautaire Laurentien
  15. Centre Communautaire de Québec
  16. Coalition of Canadian Palestinian Organizations
  17. Downtown Muslim Professionals
  18. Halton Islamic Association
  19. Healthy Muslim Families
  20. Hespeler Masjid
  21. Independent Jewish Voices – Canada (IJU)
  22. IJV Toronto and York Region Chapter
  23. International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group (ICLMG)
  24. Islamic Centre – Cold Lake
  25. Islamic Centre – Edmonton
  26. Islamic Centre – Hyde Park
  27. Islamic Centre – London
  28. Islamic Centre of Ottawa
  29. Islamic Centre – Vancouver
  30. Islamic Centre – Verdun
  31. Islamic Centre – Waterloo
  32. Islamic Centre – Westmount
  33. Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA)
  34. Islamic Community Centre Ontario (ICCO)
  35. Islamic Family (IFSSA) (Edmonton)
  36. Islamic Society of Kingston
  37. ISNA Canada
  38. Think for Actions
  39. Iraqi Turkmen community in Canada
  40. Jerrahi Sufi Order of Canada 
  41. Justice for All
  42. Just Peace Advocates / Mouvement Pour Une Paix Juste
  43. Kitchener Masjid
  44. Legal Clinic for Palestine
  45. Masjid Aisha
  46. Masjid Toronto
  47. Mennonite Church Canada 
  48. Muslim Action Group
  49. Muslim Fest 
  50. Muslim Association of Brantford
  51. Muslim Association of Canada (MAC)
  52. Muslim Food Bank & Community Services
  53. Palestinian Association of Brantford
  54. Palestine-Israel Network
  55. Qurtuba Islamic Centre
  56. Rose City Islamic Centre
  57. UM Group
  58. United Network for Justice and Peace in Palestine Israel (UNJPPI)
  59. York Region Muslims
  60. Zero Global
  61. Our Golden Age 
  62. Ruh Care
  63. Justice for Palestinians Calgary
  64. Muslim Association of Woodstock
  65. The London Muslim Mosque
  66. Hona London Newspaper
  67. Canadians for Justice and Peace in the MIddle East – Edmonton
  68. Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East – Saskatoon 
  69. Canadians for Justice and Peace in the MIddle East – Okanagan
  70. Winnipeg Central Mosque
  71. GICC islamic Centre 
  72. Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at, Mississauga
  73. Edmonton Islamic Centre 
  74. Amnesty International – Okanagan
  75. Run for Palestine Edmonton
  76. Run for Palestine Calgary
  77. Run for Palestine Fort McMurray
  78. Canada Palestine Cultural Association
  79. Simon Fraser University Muslim Student Association (SFU MSA)
  80. Muslim Educators Network of Ontario
  81. Canadian Friends Service Committee
  82. CommunityWise Resource Centre
  83. Krahyar 
  84. Independent Jewish Voices (IJV) Guelph, Ontario
  85. Palestinian House Association Calgary
  86. Urban Alliance on Race Relations
  87. SFU Bangladesh Students Alliance’
  88. Islamic Society of St. Catharines
  89. Islamic Society of Niagara 
  90. A&K Immigration Consultants Inc.
  91. Ottawa Muslim Women’s Organization
  92. Al Huda Institute Canada

* To add your organization’s name to the list of signatories email [email protected] or add directly to this linked document.