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Resources For Mosques

Masjids are important institutions that educate and mobilize the Muslim community to engage in the democratic process.

During this federal elections, masjids can help Canadian Muslims in the following ways:

1. Imams can speak about key issues that affect Canadian Muslims in their Friday sermons. Click Here To Download CMPAC’s Federal Election – Key Issues

2. Masjid boards can hang CMPAC’s poster (see image on right) on election issues that should be asked to all candidates before making your decision on who to vote for. Click Here To Download The Poster

3. Before allowing candidates to address your congregation after Friday prayers, request candidates to come meet with the masjid board. Speak to them about the CMPAC election issues.

4. Send an email to your congregation about the 2021 Federal Election and how they can participate in their ridings. Click Here For Email Template

5. Connect youth in your congregation with candidates in your riding to volunteer in their campaigns.

If you need help connecting with candidates in your area contact us and we can assist you!





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Elections Canada Resources

To understand more about the voting procedure, check out Elections Canada’s section on voters. As we are living in a pandemic, this federal election will be unique. Plan ahead and stay safe.

The Canadian Muslim Vote (TCMV)

The Canadian-Muslim Vote is a national, non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots organization that aims to increase civic engagement of Canadian Muslims through community outreach and education.