CMPAC’s Consultation Submission Brief on the Proposed Nakba Bill seeks to address historical injustices and advocate for the recognition and commemoration of the Nakba—the forced displacement and dispossession of Palestinian people during the establishment of Israel in 1948. This comprehensive submission outlines the importance of acknowledging both past and present struggles faced by Palestinians and provides recommendations for action.

The submission emphasizes the imperative of recognizing the Nakba and its ongoing implications, outlining the catastrophic events of 1948 and their lasting impact on Palestinian communities. It also offers recommendations for Canada’s foreign policy overhaul towards Palestine, highlighting actions to end aggression, hold perpetrators accountable, and support Palestinian rights. Additionally, it focuses on safeguarding civil liberties and the right to protest within Canada, advocating for transparent investigations into police actions and upholding academic freedom.

Furthermore, the submission addresses discrimination within Canada, particularly in the context of the Nakba Bill, proposing legislative protections, educational initiatives, community engagement, and international solidarity efforts to combat anti-Palestinian racism.

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