CMPAC’s evaluation of Canada’s Anti-Racism Strategy highlights significant shortcomings in addressing the needs of the Muslim community, particularly concerning anti-Palestinian racism and Islamophobia. While the strategy introduces some promising initiatives, it fails to provide specific measures to combat anti-Palestinian racism and inadequately addresses Islamophobia at systemic levels. This omission leaves Muslim Canadians and Palestinian Canadians vulnerable to ongoing discrimination and marginalization, underscoring the urgent need for policy revisions to ensure a more inclusive approach.

CMPAC urges the Canadian government to reassess the strategy by explicitly recognizing anti-Palestinian racism as a distinct form of discrimination and enhancing measures against Islamophobia. Meaningful consultation with affected communities and targeted policy initiatives are essential to effectively combatting these pervasive forms of prejudice and advancing equity for all racialized groups in Canada. For a detailed analysis of these findings, please access the full report here.