CMPAC has submitted a comprehensive brief to the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights, addressing the critical issues of Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian racism. This submission, driven by the events of October 7th, details the rising Islamophobic violence and discrimination faced by visibly Muslim individuals. It also highlights the historical and systemic nature of these prejudices, which are perpetuated through negative media portrayals and biased policies affecting key sectors such as employment and law enforcement.

CMPAC’s brief outlines several key recommendations, including independent oversight for CRA audits of Muslim charities, stronger hate crime legislation, and educational initiatives to counteract stereotypes. The brief also advocates for reforms within the CBSA and RCMP and emphasizes the need for community engagement to empower affected individuals. These recommendations aim to create a more inclusive and equitable society for Muslim and Palestinian communities in Canada. To access the full brief, please click here.