CMPAC Endorses Joint Open Letter “Stop Genocide or Resign”

The Canadian Muslim Public Affairs Council (CMPAC) endorses the open letter titled “Stop Genocide or Resign”, initiated by Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJMPE). This initiative addresses the urgent need for action from the Canadian government regarding the escalating crisis in Gaza.

The “Stop Genocide or Resign” letter has garnered support from numerous Canadian civil society groups, highlighting the alarming risk of genocide in Gaza, as acknowledged by UN experts and the International Court of Justice. It specifically calls for the resignation of key government officials unless immediate steps are taken to address the Palestinian crisis.

CMPAC recognizes the importance of amplifying this collective call to action and stands in solidarity with the initiative. We believe in advocating for the protection of human rights and working towards preventing further atrocities in Gaza. As such, a representative of CMPAC will be speaking at a press conference today to express our support for this joint open letter, emphasizing how its values and stances align with those of CMPAC.

The demands outlined in the aforementioned joint open letter include:

  1. Minister Joly’s declaration of unequivocal support for the ICJ’s recommended emergency measures and imposition of an embargo on Canada-Israel military trade; 
  2. Minister Hussen’s restoration of humanitarian aid to UNRWA and an increase in Canada’s funding commitments for the next three years; and 
  3. Minister Miller’s removal of barriers on family reunification visas for Gaza and expedited processes to bring loved ones out of harm’s way.

This endorsement underscores CMPAC’s unwavering commitment to restoring justice and protecting innocent lives in Palestine.

For more information and to read the full text of the letter, please click here and for the accompanying press release issued by CJPME, please refer to the PDF attachment below.


  • CJMPE PR 2.22.2024 for Immediate Release pdf (55kb)