CMPAC’s Analysis of Bill C-70 (Countering Foreign Interference Act): Safeguarding Democracy Amidst Security Measures

CMPAC’s analysis of Bill C-70, the Countering Foreign Interference Act, identifies significant concerns regarding its potential impact on civil liberties, privacy rights, and procedural fairness. Broad definitions of terms such as “foreign influence,” “interference,” and “essential infrastructure” coupled with the complete lack of definitions for terms such as “intimidation” and “benefit,” raise implementation challenges, risking arbitrary enforcement and violations of individual freedoms. Moreover, the accelerated parliamentary process limits stakeholder engagement and oversight, exacerbating these concerns.

Furthermore, the bill’s provisions could disproportionately affect marginalized communities, including Muslims in Canada and Palestinian advocacy groups, by subjecting them to heightened scrutiny and potentially compromising their privacy. CMPAC recommends refining definitions, enhancing privacy protections, supporting civil society without undue burdens, and establishing transparent oversight mechanisms to address these issues. These recommendations aim to ensure that Bill C-70 effectively enhances national security while upholding Canada’s democratic values and protecting individual rights and freedoms.


  • CMPACs Concerns Regarding Bill C-70 (Countering Foreign Interference Act) pdf (195kb)