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Event Disclaimer: Sami Hamdi Palestine Speaking Advocacy Tour

As organizers of the Sami Hamdi Palestine Speaking Advocacy Tour event, we are committed to fostering constructive dialogue and raising awareness about the Palestine cause within our community. This disclaimer outlines the principles and objectives of our event, emphasizing our dedication to peaceful advocacy and respectful discourse.

We condemn violence, hate speech, or any form of terrorism directed against any group or individual. Our event operates on the principles of peaceful dialogue and free expression. While some perspectives shared may align with certain positions of the Canadian Muslim Public Affairs Council (CMPAC), they may not fully represent CMPAC’s stance on all issues. Official CMPAC positions can be found on our website.

For clarity, an accompanying document titled “From the River to the Sea: Palestine will be Free: A Primer on History, Context, and Legalities in Canada” is provided. This document offers further insight into specific terms and positions that may be discussed during the event and is accessible below.

Please refer to CMPAC’s full Event Disclaimer attached below for a comprehensive understanding of our event’s principles and guidelines.


  • CMPAC Speaking Tour Event Disclaimer pdf (138kb)
  • From the River to the Sea - Palestine will be Free - A Primer on History Context and Legalities in Canada pdf (1135kb)