Sep 14, 2023

Today, a court has acknowledged bias in the Canada Revenue Agency’s audit of the Muslim Association of Canada. We are disappointed to see this ruling fall short of bringing justice to MAC as the biased CRA proceedings continue uninterrupted. 

CMPAC continues our call to the government to dissolve the Review & Analysis Division, rectify policies that position Muslim organizations as inherently at risk of terrorist activity, and overhaul the risk assessment process. 

We have published a number of policy recommendations and public statements  on this file as we fight Islamophobia as it pertains to our Muslim and charitable institutions, available below. We will continue to push for concrete change to the National Inherent Risk Assessment, and any processes that unduly persecute Muslim charities until these policies are off the books.

Add your voice to the call for change – Send an email to the Department of Finance in support of our recommendations with our tool below. 

Email the Government to Enact CMPAC’s Recommendations

Recommendations to the Department of Finance

Recommendations to the Financial Action Task Force