In summary, Canada’s 2024 Budget reflects partial alignment with CMPAC’s recommendations. While some initiatives show partial progress, others fall short of fully addressing the needs and concerns of the Muslim community. The budget succeeded in increasing funds to the Office of the Special Representative on Combatting Islamophobia (OSRCI). However, it fell short of explicitly committing to address Islamophobia across government, or clearly allocate funding for education initiatives that combat Islamophobia. Furthermore, the budget did not tackle enhancing accountability and transparency within government security agencies, and it did not commit to providing adequate support for Palestinians in the occupied lands or the ones relocating to Canada. The inclusion of additional proposals in the budget, including the introduction of alternative financial products for Muslims and eradicating forced labour, highlight areas of interest to the Muslim community but warrant further elaboration and evaluation to be considered meaningful initiatives. Moving forward, CMPAC will continue to advocate for comprehensive support for Muslim communities and targeted measures to combat discrimination, Islamophobia, and international human rights abuses.

Read CMPAC’s detailed assessment of Canada’s Budget 2024 here.