At the Canadian Muslim Public Affairs Council (CMPAC), we are committed to promoting understanding, justice, and dialogue on critical issues affecting the Canadian Muslim community and beyond. This dedicated section on Palestine serves as a comprehensive resource hub, offering advocacy guides, toolkits, and a collection of statements and letters issued by CMPAC to various political leaders, organizations, and stakeholders. We believe in the power of informed advocacy, and this section is designed to empower our community with resources to engage meaningfully on the Palestine issue. Explore the materials provided to stay informed, amplify your voice, and contribute to constructive dialogue surrounding this important topic.

Below are the active campaigns, advocacy resources, events and statements / letters issued by CMPAC. These are all ways to contribute to the cause.



08 Feb, 2024

Palestine Solidarity & Advocacy – London Event

North Campus Building, Rm 101, Western University
09 Feb, 2024

Palestine Solidarity & Advocacy – Ottawa Event

Hall of Peace (Next to Ottawa Muslim Association) - 241 Northwestern Ave, Ottawa ON K1Y 0M1
10 Feb, 2024

Palestine Solidarity & Advocacy – Montreal Event

CIIC - 615 Rue Belmont, Montreal QC, H3B 2L8
11 Feb, 2024

Palestine Solidarity & Advocacy – Mississauga Event

Instructional Centre (IB 110), University of Toronto Mississauga